Furniture Removal In Auckland

In Auckland, the furniture removals are easier and hassle-free, thanks to Fatsboys Ltd. Among the moving companies in Auckland, ours is top rated. Being in the business for over 40 years gives us the experience of furniture removal services, packing material, moving transport etc. Talking of moving transport, ours is a cutting edge technology with advanced suspension systems designed specifically to carry heavy point loads without any shifting.

We take utmost care of your pianos, spa pools, pool tables and other heavy machinery to reach your specified point of destination without any worries. The machinery to be moved is wrapped first in protective cushioned moving blankets so that they are protected from humidity and moisture during transportation. So, maximum possible care of your equipment is taken by us to move it to the destination without any issues to give the peace of mind you rightly deserve.

From the place you want to move your things from to your specified destination, the total process of transportation will be taken care of by us.

You can book us for worry-free moving on the north shore for your home or office. We not only package the furniture taking proper precautions but also deliver and set it up according to your liking.

Reliable team for furniture movers North Shore, West Auckland

We at Fats Boys Ltd. are the best movers in West Auckland. We are considered a reliable team for furniture movers in all of North shore. Just hire us, and you can leave all your moving hassle on us.If you want to remove your furniture, we will do everything for you. From packing the furniture properly to delivering it to its proper destination is our responsibility.

We help you move without burning a hole in your pocket and at the same time we understand the value of your furniture and help you keep it intact.

From grand pianos and upright pianos to baths and statues to concrete slabs, we move everything with the help of our technical support. To get a free quote, call us today.

We have you covered for furniture removal Auckland

Are you looking for furniture removal in the Auckland area, Fats Boys Ltd. is your answer. Call us for-

  • Hassle-free office and house moves
  • Moving your grand pianos or upright pianos, for we are the specialists of this genre
  • Our experience with heavy machinery and equipment
  • We are well known for moving spa pools, pool tables, and heavy machinery too.

As for our piano moving speciality, we wrap it in protective cushioned blankets to protect it from moisture and humidity during transportation. Then the piano is loaded onto our specially designed suspension system trucks, to deliver without any chance of shifting. This minimizes any chances of wear and tear to your piano. We take good care of goods whilst in our custody and deliver on our promise to move your goods as they were. Our experience boasts of our service to the community and the timely delivery of our promise.



How do you move furniture cheaply?
The furniture in Auckland can be moved cheaply, with albeit good service with the help of Fats Boys Ltd. We specialise in piano moving and heavy machinery. Be it an office move or house move, we deliver hassle-free service to our customers.
Do removal companies store furniture?
If you are looking to store your furniture for a little while, the removal companies can store it for you for a very minimal and flexible amount. This is generally done on a weekly basis. So, if you are looking to store your stuff for a while, you can make use of such services. Even climate-controlled storage can be available for a little fee. This fee in question depends on the area of storage that will be utilized for the given time period and the climate conditions involved if any.