House Movers In Auckland

Fats Boys Ltd. are your reliable house movers in Auckland. Are you a student, who is looking to move into rented accommodation with your friends? Or are you a family looking to move to a bigger and better home with more space for you to thrive? Or a bachelor finally moving into a studio apartment after sharing rented space? All your house moving requirements can be successfully met by us.

All the belongings that you want to move to the new location can be successfully delivered to the address of your choice in the exact same condition. All your appliances, dressers, chests, baths, statues and even concrete slabs can be successfully moved to the specified location. The pool table or spa pools for your bachelor pad can be successfully removed and then moved to your next home. Our long-standing experience in the industry has stood the test of time for over 40 years.

Stress-Free House Moving in Auckland with Efficient House Movers

Moving into a new home can be stressful and tiring. But don’t worry; we can help you efficiently do the job. You can entrust us with the job of moving your furniture and belongings to your new house safely. Give us a call, and we will assist you in shifting your house stress-freely.

Fats Boys Ltd. is the second name of, stress-free house moving in Auckland. Once we are hired, it is our responsibility to pack your belongings, lift them up and load them on the vehicle of transport and deliver them to the destination without any loss to the property. We are boasted as the most efficient house movers in the north island area. With a minimal amount of breakage or wear and tear, your property reaches safely to its new home. We move all furniture and fixtures of the house as required by you. This stress-free service has been served for four decades to our clients, hence, the experience. Our testimonials speak for themselves and the service we offer is unparalleled.

Reliable House Removal In Auckland – What We Do

Are you new to the town and looking for reliable house movers in Auckland? We are just the crew for you! Our family-owned company has been in service for over four decades. No matter how large your stuff is, we can aid you in moving it with ease. Call us today to avail of services from the best Auckland house movers!

Fats Boys Ltd. is known for house removals in Auckland. Successful and efficient house removal is achieved by us, by following a particular process using our experience to guide us through it. The process is simple but not easy, and it reaches perfection with continuous practice. House Removal means stress-free moving of house belongings to the new destination. Good prices play a very big role in the service too. This means that you get impeccable service without shelling out a fortune.


How much does it cost to hire house movers?
It can cost anything from 200$ to 1500$ depending upon the size of the move, i.e., the amount of stuff that is to be moved. Some movers such as Fats Boys offer lucrative discounts and offers to the customers.
Will movers move dressers with clothes in them?
Yes. The movers can move dressers with clothes in them. But that can happen if it is lightweight rather than heavy. But, it is recommended that the dressers are properly emptied and all the belongings properly packed to be able to transport them safely to the specified destination.