Piano Movers in Wellington

Do you possess a piano? That is amazing. But relocating it is super heavy. Whether you are planning to move your piano to any venue, a church, a grand concert, or the new home we are here to assist you. We have a top team of professional packers and movers in Wellington who ensures the safety of your instrument with utmost care.

Migrating a piano by yourself can be risky and can cause permanent damage to the instrument or the floor or walls of the property. Let us lend you a hand to make this challenge easy for you so that you continue to play beautiful music forever and a day.

What Type of Piano You Would Like to Move

Whether it is an upright piano, grand piano, or electric one our trained staff knows how to finish the job without a hitch. We have a dedicated piano moving team who is well equipped and uses moving trucks with motorized lifts to move instruments of all sizes with poise.

Did you know that certain pianos need to be dismantled while relocating? Our piano moving team specializes in moving pianos only. They have a great understanding of all the exterior and interior parts of the instrument. They are highly skilled in moving your pianos to hundreds of miles like a bed of roses.

Reliable team for Piano Movers Wellington

Our main objective is to provide you a safe delivery on the dot and at a good bargain. You can rely on our extraordinary team to arrange door-to-door shifting services with serious professionalism and satisfaction. We offer the most secure shifting services and great expertise in meeting the needs according to your preferences.

We have been successful in providing a cognizant service to our customers at a very reasonable price and we have a huge list of happy clients. All our services are licensed and insured to ensure the safety of your belongings. Call our customer support team for all the information you need and book your service now.

Grand Pianos

Moving a grand piano is quite challenging and can be grueling at times. It requires serious manpower and preparation. But you can leave that trouble to us. We have a team of people who are solely dedicated to piano moving.

Our team aids you in carefully disassembling the pedals and legs of the grand piano and then wrapping the lid, keys, and all sides of the piano in moving blankets. They ensure that all the parts are intact and damage-free in the entire loading, unloading, and transport process. Our team also helps you reassemble after unloading it at your destination location.

Upright Pianos

How do our people move an upright piano? They first make sure that the piano keys are pedals are protected by covering them up with a tape and blanket. Once the entire piano is covered with the blanket our team safely hoists it onto the dolly and carefully loads it in the truck. They also help you unpack your instrument carefully after delivering it to the destination address.

Our team is equipped with the right skills and tools to handle and relocate such a heavy and delicate instrument gracefully. They ensure timely delivery and make it certain that your property is safe with us and no damage is caused in the whole transport process no matter the temperature or the time of day.