Fats Piano & Moving Specialists

Where your regular movers give up, we step in. We specialise in moving objects that are awkwardly large and unwieldy or things you often leave behind, thinking they are impossible to move. We believe that it’s better to move than move on.

Ovens & Safes

From large commercial ovens to hi-tech safes, our experts have the tools and techniques to manoeuvre through tight spaces, stairs and narrow entrances. We make special packing arrangements to avoid any kind of damage during transit.


Your expensive bath fittings should move with you. Whether it’s a bathtub or your prized vanity, we will remove it from your existing bathroom safely and move with utmost care.

SPA Pools

Buying and installing a pool spa is a costly affair. Why leave it behind when you can take it with you at a fraction of the cost? Sit back and let our experts worry about all the heavy lifting.

Statues and Concrete Slabs

Move your statues and concrete features to your new residence and feel right at home. We pack and move delicate statues, following the best practices in order to avoid chipped edges or cracks.

Upright Pianos

One of your prized possessions, moving a piano requires the right equipment, training and experience. Most importantly, hire someone who is fully insured. That totally sounds like us.

Grand Pianos

Hauling a grand piano through the narrow spaces of the house is risky. That’s why we prefer to disassemble the piano and reassemble it at the destination to avoid any accidents.

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