Upright Pianos

A piano has over 10,000 moving parts pieced together in a delicate fashion. Clearly, a broken piano is going to cost you more than hiring a professional to move it.

Save yourself the hassle and back pain by letting our piano movers handle the job. You may be moving your piano for the first time, but this is what we do almost every day. We are not only equipped with the right tools but also possess the knowledge and skills that it takes to move such a heavy, delicate and unwieldy instrument.

In case you have some other musical instrument that needs to be moved, we can help.


Fats Piano & Moving Specialists
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    Hassle free Office and House moves

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    Your piano to be wrapped with protective cushioned moving blankets to protect it from moisture and humidity during transport.

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    Your piano moved in our specialty designed trucks with suspension systems designed to carry heavy point loads without the chance of shifting.

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    Our movers will move your furniture/piano safely into the room of your choice at your destination.

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    Experience with Heavy

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    We are well known for moving spa pools, pool tables, heavy machinery just to name a few.

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